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- Russians! - Always proudly we answer, when admiring foreigners in the resort timidly asked about our nationality. And would - it's nice to acknowledge his relationship with representatives of the most beautiful women in the world. And is it true? Do we really are the most-most, and where do you see this expression?
Let us turn to the statistics. This year, a vote was taken: the respondents answered the question - "Women of any nationality that you feel are most attractive?". 54% of respondents believe that the most beautiful women live in Russia. 27% - believe the most attractive representative of the fairer sex live in the country of the Rising Sun. 14% voted for the classic version - in their opinion, the most beautiful women in the world - from France. The same number believe that the true birthplace of the beauties is Germany. Italy handed over their positions. Least of all the votes - 5% - given to Italians.

Each ethnic taste. Many people often do not like women of other nationalities. But in general, according to the polls - what are the most beautiful women (except for their nationality) are responsible - are Russian women.
What is the secret appeal of the Slavs? It's not so much that the external data, we are better than others - the question is, how we presents. If the majority of European women refuse to use cosmetics in everyday life, a Russian woman finds beneath his dignity to appear at work without makeup.

Landmark Russian majority of the fair sex - home, happy family, and men feel it. Although lately there are more and more careerists, most are still willing to sacrifice the bright prospects for the sake of her husband for the sake of the child. Where else to meet such a miracle - a beautiful, smart, good mistress, and almost ready to give everything for personal happiness? But one of the most valuable of our strengths - patience (not obedience!), gentleness and humility. So, even knowing the statistics, and at every meter of catching the admiring glances of men abroad, we will quietly smile and pretended to even have no idea about how we Russian women are good.

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